Acoustic - Update an email after it's been sent

Acoustic - Update an email after it's been sent

Update an image

You can update images that are hosted on the server. The new image must be the same file type, such as PNG or GIF, and it should be the same size. If the new image is not the same size, it might be distorted. It can take up to 30 minutes to update the image.

  1. Go to the Scheduled and sent view and click on the email to open the details page.

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  1. Click the Image tab, then click the image that you want to update. The image shows in the Preview.

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  2. Click Replace image.
  3. Select another image and click Open.
  4. Verify that the image is updated.

Update a link

You can modify tracked links for both scheduled and sent email.

  1. Open the the Single mailing report for the email.
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  2. In the summary list, select Clickthroughs then click Update.
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  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Edit next to the link that you want to change.
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  4. Enter the new URL and click OK.
  5. Make sure to leave any tracking variables at the end of the link for reporting purposes