Ascent360 Community Forum

This article gives an overview of what the Ascent360 Community Forum is, how to navigate it, and how to make comments & posts. Your suggestions, ideas, and contributions are greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting the community.

What is the community forum?

This forum is a community where all Ascent360 clients can post comments, questions, suggestions about the platform. We encourage all clients to share ideas, tips for marketing to customers, as well as product requests or enhancements for the Ascent360 platform. Please follow our code of conduct found here once you are logged into the platform. Posts and suggestions will be responded to by an Ascent360 staff member.

Note: All posts are monitored by Ascent360 staff that reserve the right to remove or stop a post if inappropriate content is found or suggested. 

How to find and navigate to the forum

Log into your Ascent360 account and navigate to the blue menu icon at the top right of the page. Hover over it and click on "My Tickets".

This will take you to the support page where you will then click on the "Community" button.

From the home page of the forum will be able to view all the Community Topics, Recent Activity, and the New Post button.

How to post and comment in the forum

From most pages in the forum, you will see a blue "New Post" button. Click on it to navigate to the new post page.

From this page you will need to enter a title of the post, the content or details of the post, and select the topic category from the dropdown menu. Please note that as you enter your Title for the post other similar posts will generate. We highly encourage you read these similar posts before you post to avoid duplicate posts/topics. If you see the same post, please comment on the existing post to keep the ideas going and conversations on the same thread. This will help keep the community clean and organized.

Once you are ready to post your comment, click the "Submit" button and your post will be set in queue for review by our staff. After it has been approved it will go live immediately!

To add a comment on an existing post scroll to the bottom of the post and click the text box next to your icon image (you must be signed in to see this and have this option). Type your comment and click the "Submit" button. All comments are monitored and will be reviewed to ensure the quality of our community.

Thank you for participating in the community forum! We look forward to your posts and comments!