Create a Campaign

Why Create a Campaign?

  1. You need to build a campaign that is more complex than Audience Selector will allow (see this article for more information)
  2. You want to define which fields are output for your contacts
  3. You want to schedule a recurring send of your contacts to an email service provider, ad platform, file export or FTP location

Creating Your Campaign

First, access Campaign Manager by selecting Execute > Marketing Tool > Campaign Manager from the top menu.

Then, select the New Campaign button to create a new campaign. This will open the Add New Campaign window. Type your campaign name into the Name textbox, and a description of the campaign, then click the Save button. This will save your campaign, displaying it at the top of the list of campaigns and making it available for configuring.

Configure Your Campaign

You can access the campaign configuration settings in a few different ways, including double-clicking the campaign or selecting the campaign, then clicking the Configure icon from the top menu. You can also right click on the campaign in the list that you would like to configure, then select "Configure This Campaign" from the context menu to access the campaign configuration settings.

Search for the intended audience in the Saved Audience Library on the left side and drag and drop the audience(s) to the canvas. You can drag multiple audiences to combine them with operators like "AND", "OR", and "NOT".

Make your Contactability selections (see this article for more information) and Save your campaign to refresh your counts. Once you have saved your campaign, you can see you campaign size by hitting the Refresh icon next to Campaign Count. This will change based on your contactability panel.

Configure Your Campaign Output Fields

Once your campaign is configured, it is time to choose your output fields. Select the Export and Schedule tab from the menu.

Once you are on the new tab, click the Send Contacts icon in the top left.

Once you have named the file and selected the file type, edit the output fields by clicking Edit Output Fields. Depending on the contactability pane, select the data fields to include by ‘Adding’ or ‘Removing.’ As a note, there will be default values in the righthand table – these can be removed if not applicable.

Once the output fields have been selected, click Save Output Fields. 

Note – if this is not a scheduled campaign, the selected output fields will not be saved. If this is a scheduled campaign, the output fields will export whenever the campaign is sent. 

Export and Schedule Your Campaign

To send your campaign immediately, select Send Immediately from the first dropdown. To schedule your campaign to send daily, weekly, or monthly, select Create New Schedule.

If you have selected Create New Schedule, you will need to give parameters for the schedule. You can do this by clicking Edit Schedule. From here, you can name the schedule (as it appears on the marketing calendar), pick the start date, send time, how often the file should export, and enable if it should stop exporting on a specific date (i.e. seasonal export, limited contest, etc.).

Once your campaign has been scheduled, you can see the schedule cadence by going to Execute > Marketing Calendar. This will also show you all other scheduled campaigns.