Creating an Email Opt In Form

Below are instructions of how to create an email signup webform with Email Address, First Name and Last name

1.  Login to your account and choose Forms under Integrate.

2.  Click Add New Form.

3.  Within Form Designer, add heading (optional) and enter text to describe the form type.

4.  From Content tab, drag and drop Email Address field onto the canvas and change form styling, add placeholder text (optional)

5.  Similarly add First Name, Last Name and change the field styling.

6.  Add Email Permissions field and change the default value to “Yes”, mark the field as Hidden field.

7.  Change the button text to “Subscribe” and Save the Form.

8.  In the Submission settings, add the confirmation text to be displayed on submitting the form.

9.  Save and Publish the Form.

10.  Go back to the published form->Submission settings->Embed. Copy the Form link and iframe Code.