Dropping and Retrieving Files with File Manager

Audience > File Manager

The Ascent360 File Management allows you to securely drop and pick up files. Utilizing the File Management is Ascent360's preferred method to transfer files that contain Personable Identifiable Information (PII).

Downloading a File

To download a file, toggle the box next to the file you'd like to download and select the Download button. The download will begin immediately.

Downloading multiple files

Multiple files will be downloaded if more than one file is selected.

Uploading a File

To upload a file, select the Upload button from the menu. 

After selecting Choose File, browse for the file and select Upload. 

At this time, the file management system only allows for one file to be uploaded at a time. Files are limited to 2GB or smaller in size. If you need to upload a file that is greater than 2 GB, please contact Ascent360 Support to access a larger file size drop location.

Renaming a File

To rename a file, click on the Edit icon. 

Then, type the new name and press Enter on the keyboard to save the new file name.

Deleting a File

To delete a file, select the file and click the "delete" icon to delete the file.

Deleting a file cannot be undone.

Navigating the Directory

If applicable, click the Up Arrow or Home icon next to the directory path to navigate to different levels in the directory. Double-click on folders to drill down. 

Creating Folders

To create a new folder, select the Add Folder button from the menu.

This will open the Create Directory menu. Type in the name of your folder and click the Create button.

The folder will be created in the current directory.