My forwarded email does not work - how to avoid this behavior

11/23/2020Shannon Linn
When a recipient forwards your email message, it's the email client that's responsible for the HTML rendering . So it's not your ESP or sending platform.  Some email clients (such as Outlook) may not render the HTML  correc...

Email client support

11/23/2020Shannon Linn
A list of the email clients supported by the designs created in the editor.

Are email messages mobile-ready (responsive)?

11/23/2020Shannon Linn
Responsive design is a method used to adapt the way the message is displayed to the device in use. Mobile devices are smaller than desktop or laptop computers, and therefore you need email messages (or web pages) to adapt to the different width. When this happens, the text becomes easier to read, buttons and links are easier to click on, and images become as wide as the device allows them to be.