Getting Started: Audience Selector

Getting Started with the Ascent360 Audience Selector 

Execute > Marketing Tools > Audience Selector  

Use the Ascent360 Audience Selector to build custom segments of individuals based on demographics, email history, transaction history, and more. 

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Ascent 360 constructs your Customer Data Platform (CDP) using a variety of fields from your source system(s). These fields, including aggregates that Ascent360 derives from your source data, are available for your use within Audience Selector.  


Within Audience Selector, there are two types of audiences based on the logic of the fields used 

  • Static Audience is one where the counts will not change day-to-day. 

  • For example: Clothing Purchasers in 2020 

  • Static Audiences are paired with a one-time (ad hoc) email. 

  • Dynamic Audience is one where the counts will change day-to-day. 

  • For example: Clothing Purchasers Yesterday 

  • Dynamic Audiences are generally paired with an automated email.  


Counts within Audience Selector (as with the rest of the CDP) are based on IndividualsFor example, if you create an audience for Bike purchasers using the “Department Name / Category Level 1” field, the resulting count will display the number of contactable individuals with a transaction where a product matched the “Bikes” department.  

  • In the above example, products that do not match the “Bikes” department or bike purchasers that do not have associated contact information will not be included. 

If counts are lower than expected, ensure that the fields you are targeting are consistently being populated in your source system. For example, if you want to target female customers, ensure that you are capturing demographic gender data upstream. 


Audience Selector Tips: 

  • Fields within Audience Selector are grouped under a Parent drop-down. 
  • Use the Magnifying Glass icon in the Fields Library to search for fields. 
  • Combine multiple fields using the “AND,” “OR,” or “NOT” operators.  

Audience Selector: Commonly Used Fields 

Unsure where to start for building your audiences? Try the following commonly used fields to get started. Ultimately, the fields you utilize within Audience Selector are informed by your marketing use case and the direction you want to take your marketing communication.  


Ascent360 Field 


Marketing Use Case Example 


Vendor Name 

Purchase Details 

Post Purchase 

Vendor associated with product transaction 

Department Name / Category Level 1 

Purchase Details 

Post Purchase 

Department/Category associated with product transaction 

Transaction Type 

Purchase Details 

Post Purchase, Returns, Layaway - Pending

Distinguishes true purchases from returns and other types of transactions 

Transaction Date 

Purchase Details 

Post Purchase 

Date that a transaction occurred 

Individual Create Date 

Customer Aggregates 

Welcome Stream, Engagement 

The date that an individual was created in the database 

Customer Type 

Customer Aggregates 


Grouped individuals through shared attributes originating from the source system (“Employees”) 

Customer Status 

Customer Aggregates 

Prospect Conversion 

Separates customers (>0 Transactions) from prospects (0 Transactions) 

Total Spend Lifetime 

Customer Aggregates 

High-Value Customers 

Aggregate of total lifetime spend attributed to a customer 


Data Sources and Dates 


List of brick-and-mortar locations and  

E-commerce (“Main Office”) 


 Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Ascent360 Help Desk at