Home Page and Menu Updates for Ascent360 Email Users

The home page to your Ascent360 ESP is getting a facelift as a part of the August 2nd release.

Here is an overview of the changes on the home page.

  1. Menu Updates
  2. Start the Campaign Wizard
  3. The Four “Cards”

Menu Updates

There are a lot of changes to the menu depending on when you last logged into your Ascent360 account.

  1. The menu has moved from the top to the left side. Moving the menu allows for more screen real-estate and a simpler user interface.
  2. The menu has been reorganized. Four options used to headline the menu: Integrate, Analyze, Execute, and Email. Now, there are seven options:
    1. Create – This is easy access to the places that make things in your CDP, including Campaigns, Audiences, Emails, and Landing Pages.
    2. Audience – This shows the options manage audiences, including the Complex Audience Builder (formerly known as Campaign Manager).
    3. Emails – This shows all options surrounding Ascent360’s email features.
    4. Campaigns – This shows you options to manage your campaigns and the Marketing Calendar.
    5. Landing Pages – This takes you to the Landing Page Library.
    6. View Results – This is a list of dashboards and charts showing more details into your marketing activities.
    7. Database Insights – This is a list of dashboards and charts focusing on your database.

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Start the Campaign Wizard

The Campaign Wizard is a helpful tool that walks you through the step-by-step of creating a campaign, selecting an audience, choosing an email design, and deciding to schedule it for later or send the email now.

Each page along the Campaign Wizard prompts you to do one step. After a few clicks, you’re ready to send or schedule an email associated with a campaign.

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The Four “Cards”

There are four “cards” in the middle of the homepage. These cards are easy shortcuts to commonly used parts of your CDP.

1. Build an Audience takes you to the Audience Selector.

2. Design an Email brings you into the improved Email Design Library.

3. The Manage Campaigns page shows how all of your emails are performing - including how much revenue they're generating - all in one place.

4. Database Overview gives you a deep look into your CDP data.