Accessing Our Help Desk

If you have valid marketing platform (CDP) credentials, you now have immediate, automatic access to the Ascent360 help desk.  As of February 3, 2021, the following features are available for our clients:

  • Single Sign On (SSO) from the marketing platform to the help desk.
  • Search knowledge articles display within the marketing platform.
  • Ability to create support tickets within the marketing platform.
  • A view of history of your submitted help desk tickets for reference (via SSO to your ticket dashboard)

To access these new help features, log into the Ascent360 marketing platform and click the profile menu on the top right. Here you will see two new options: Help & My Tickets

  • Help - This opens up an in-platform menu that allows users to search and view knowledge articles and create a help desk ticket.
  • My Tickets - This feature allows our clients to easily view ticket history via a direct link from the CDP to the help desk ticket dashboard. Here you can filter on ticket status or view all open and closed tickets together.

The In-Platform Menu

Here is more information on each of the three available tabs.

  1. Help tab: Displays all articles in our knowledge base, organized by area of the platform.
  2. Recommended tab: Provides recommended articles based on the page you are currently on.
  3. Create Ticket tab: If additional support is needed, create a ticket directly from this tab. Matching articles will appear based on the keywords entered. Once submitted, new tickets flow automatically into the help desk for our support team.

You do have the ability to log into your help desk portal from the following URL: