2023 Release Notes - New Product Features, Bug Fixes, and Improvements



What's New

  • All Campaigns Page
    • The Campaigns Page now shows user-deleted email designs for more accurate revenue totals.
    • New columns are available on this page: Delivered, Delivered Rate, Recurrence Details, and End Date.
    • The Campaigns Page now shows official column headers. These column headers are frozen when the user scrolls down the page.
    • The date filter on this page is now synced between the two tabs (Categorized and Ad Hoc).
    • Various elements on the page have been reorganized for better usability.
  • General Changes
    • The navigation menu on the left side of the Portal has been condensed. Additionally, users can now have multiple drop-downs expanded at the same time on the navigation menu.



What's New

  • Ascent360 ESP
    • Updates to email sending pages language, style, and flow.
    • Test sends are no longer required in the email send process.
  • Ascent360 Reporting
    • The open & click rate graph on the email reporting page is now hidden for non-recurring emails.
    • The link to the Subscriber Report on the email reporting page is now blue.


What's New

  • All Campaigns Page
    • Table behavior improvements on the Sends and All Campaigns pages.
    • Users can now "Expand All" or "Collapse All" to quickly open or close all campaigns at once.
    • Users have the option to "Include Rows with No Revenue", allowing for quick filtering based on presence of revenue.
    • Revenue totals are now rounded to the nearest dollar.
  • Sends Page
    • The Sends page now has pagination and allows the user to select the number of records on each page.
    • All column headers now include a tooltip on mouse hover.
  • Ascent360 Reporting
    • Various improvements relating to table behavior on multiple pages.
      • Most columns have a defined minimum and maximum width for improved legibility.
      • Some columns are frozen on the left for improved scanability.
      • Text in columns breaks on word.