Standard Field and Data Subject Areas

Ascent360 integrates data from many systems, software, and solutions. The tables below describe the typical set of fields that Ascent360 will integrate into the CDP. Please note that Ascent360 can ingest almost any type of data for the purposes of marketing.

Data Subject Areas

The following are subject areas Ascent360 commonly integrates with:

  • Customer Information
  • Transactions & Products - Retail POS or eCom
  • Lodging
  • Access Use
  • Lessons
  • Rental
  • Event

This article covers the three most common areas: Customer, Transaction, and Lodging.

Which Fields Are Required? 

At minimum, the only fields that are required are those relating to Customers that allow Ascent360 to construct an individual in the Ascent360 CDP. Ascent360 only imports contactable individuals for the purposes of marketing, meaning that a Name and some measure of contactability (postal, email, or phone) are the only truly required fields. 

Other fields are strongly recommended as they provide additional dimensions to segment against while creating audiences and building marketing communication.

Customer Information

Field Name
Customer ID
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Company Name
Email Address
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Zip Six
Postal Permission
Email Permission
Phone Permission
SMS Permission
Social ID
Social Permission
Customer ID
Income Range
Marital Status
Presence of Children
Additional Custom Fields as Needed*

Transactions & Products

Field Name
Product ID
Product SKU
Product Name
Product Model
Product Serial Number
Product Style
Product UPC
Product Hierarchy Level 1
Product Hierarchy Level 2
Product Hierarchy Level 3
Product Hierarchy Level 4
Product Hierarchy Level 5
Product Description
Product Size
Product Color
Product Flavor
Product Dimensions
Product Weight
Vendor Name
Store ID
Transaction ID / Order ID
Transaction Line Item Number
Transaction Date
Line Item Price
Line Item Total
Transaction Type
Ship Date / Fulfillment Date
Work Order Date
Return Date
Update Date
Additional Custom Fields as Needed*


Field Name
Reservation ID
Reservation Status
Reservation Status Code
Reservation Date
Reservation Type
Arrival Date
Departure Date
Arrival Day
Departure Day
Number of Nights
Number of Adults 
Number of Children
Number of Youth
Rate Code
Rate Paid
Total Paid
Property Code
Property Description / Property Name
Room Type
Room Type Description
Room Number
Market Code
Reservation Canceled
Reservation Cenceled Date
Block / Group Code
Group Name
Guest ID
Guest First Name
Guest Last Name
Guest Address Line 1
Guest Address Line 2
Guest State
Guest City
Guest Country
Guest Zip
Guest Email Address
Guest Email Permission
Additional Custom Fields As Needed*