Update a Contact Using Customer Lookup

This article outlines the steps to update a single contact in your database using the Customer Lookup tool. This includes updating information like name, email address, postal address, as well as updating permissions to opt-out email or direct mail subscribers.

Login to Ascent360

  1. Navigate to www.Ascent360.com > Client Login > Enter your credentials

Navigate to Customer Lookup

  1. Once logged in, navigate to the top menu’s Analyze > Customer Lookup

Search for the contact

  1. Use the search credentials of your choice to find the user you are updating
  2. You can search with one or multiple fields. In the example below, John Smith was searched for by clicking Search after entering First Name = John, Last Name = Smith

Edit the contact’s fields and permissions

  1. On the left side of the screen, click Edit Details (). The contact’s information will be displayed in a menu.

  1. Make changes to any of the text boxes needed.
  2. To opt-in or opt-out an email subscriber, use the Email Permission drop down.
    1. Yes = The contact is subscribed and can receive marketing emails
    2. No = the contact is NOT subscribed and will not receive any marketing emails
    3. [Blank] = Unknown. Under SPAM (USA) law, the contact can receive marketing emails. Under CASL (Canada) and GDPR (European Union) laws, the user will not receive marketing emails. For more details on marketing email laws, please see the Email Permission Management article
  3. Click Update

You're all set!