Web Form Builder FAQs

Form Builder – Frequently Asked Questions

Ascent360 Recently released a new product feature – Form Builder. Here are some answers to common questions about Ascent360’s Form Builder.

Who can use Form Builder?
All clients that are using the Ascent360 Email Platform can also use the Form Builder.

Where is Form Builder in the Platform?
Form Builder can be found under the Integrate Menu, Integrate > Form Builder

What Fields can be used in a Form?
The most commonly used fields from your database are already pre-populated into the left-hand Fields Library in the Form Designer.

Where does the data go when a Form is submitted?
The data that is collected from a Form will be pushed into your database overnight just like data that comes from the other systems you have integrated. If you configured the form to send all new form submissions to a specific email, a copy of the submission details will be sent there as well.

Can I immediately send an email to a user that submits a form?
Yes, in the Form Settings section, you can select any Draft email that you have in your Email Design Library. The email will be delivered to the user within minutes of submitting the form.

Can I capture subscriber interests or preferences via a Form?
Currently, you can use the Source Name field to capture details on the form, but we you cannot add a list of fields for a user to select. This is coming in future phases of Form Builder.

How many Forms can I create?
There is currently no limit to the number of Forms you can create and Publish.

I have already Published a Form, but need to make an update. Can I update a Published Form?
Yes, you can make updates to a Published form and when you Save the form your changes will be Published. You can also deactivate the form, make your changes, then re-publish.

Can I customize the look of my Form?
Yes, you can customize the form using the simple editor in in Form Designer which also allows for HTML to be added. You can also customize the style of the form fields themselves as you add them.

Can I create an unsubscribe Form?
You can create unsubscribe forms by defaulting the Email Permission Field to No and hiding the field. It is recommended that your form clearly states that the customer is unsubscribing and you should change your button text to unsubscribe.

Can Forms be used in Emails? 
 Yes, you can add a special link to your email.  When you select special links, existing Forms will be listed as available to add.