What does a typical implementation look like?

Ascent360 implementations depend on the number of data sources integrated with, and the complexity of the project. The duration can range from 1-2 weeks to 8-10 weeks.  A high level understanding of how these implementation will flow are described in the images below.  The length of an implementation is very much dependent upon three things:

  1. Number of integrations:  Some clients will have only one data source.  Others may have as many as 15.  The more data sources, the more time it will take Ascent360 to execute on the implementation.
  2. Complexity of the integration:  Some integrations, such as Shopify or RetailPro are very simple.  We can get one of these done in just a few days. Others, such as WebSphere or Oracle ATG are quite complex and take more time.
  3. Client Involvement:  Ascent360 typically needs our clients to be engaged through the process.  This should not be a significant amount of time, but typically we like to have a 1 hour meeting each week through the implementation to answer questions and discuss ideas.
  4. Access to the Data:  Ascent360 typically needs very quick access to the source data.  This may be by our clients delivering an API key or some other mechanism but typically our client will need to give us access to the data.

8 Week Implementation:

Below is a flow chart for an 8 week implementation:

10 Week Implementation:

Below is a flow chart for a 10 week implementation: