8/2/2022 Release - Terminology Updates

With the August 2nd 2022 release, we are redefining some terms within the Ascent360 Platform.

1. A360 Plays are becoming Campaigns: Campaigns are an organizational structure to put one or more emails under to roll up revenue, send data, and other statistics. Each Campaign will also be associated to a Campaign Category (Post-Purchase, Re-Engagement, Repeat Purchase, etc.)

2. Campaign Manager is becoming Complex Audience Builder: Previously, a Campaign was a segment of one or more audiences built in Campaign Manager. Now, Campaign Manager is being rebranded as the Complex Audience Builder. If you think of Audience Selector building "simple audiences”, the Complex Audience Builder takes one or more of those audiences and combines them into a more complex segment.

3. Touchpoints are being deprecated. Under the new definitions, there's no need for Touchpoints anymore. Users can map emails and their revenue directly to Campaigns under the Manage Campaigns screen. This updated structure bypasses the need for touchpoints and provides a more straightforward approach.