Email Settings Overview

This email settings section is specific to clients using the Ascent360 ESP (email platform). 

With the Ascent360 Email Designer, you can quickly and easily upload Seed Lists, Test Lists, modify your default Tracking Parameters (appended tracking strings for Google Analytics) as well as adjust the default settings for Domain, Reply-To and From Email Info. This list of articles will teach you how to do this.

Note: During onboarding, Ascent360 will setup the Domain, Reply-To, From Email and Tracking Parameters with you. The Email Settings section will allow you to change those settings after the initial setup. 

If you need to change the Domain or From Email information, please reach out to the Ascent360 Help Desk or your CSM to ensure that we provide the necessary records to update the settings in your DNS provider first.

Please see Sending Domain and DNS Records for more information.

To navigate to the email settings section, simply click on your profile/user icon in the top right corner and click on Settings

You will then see the settings page as shown below:

Graphical user interface

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