Download your data from Ascent360

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This article will walk through the process of collecting your data from your Ascent360 platform.

Create your Audience

The first step to collecting your data is creating the audience you would like to download. Start in the Audience Builder (Audience > Audience Builder) to create an audience with your desired criteria.

A common example is downloading a list of anyone with an email -- including opt-ins and opt-outs. To create this audience, select the field "Has Email". You will find this field under "Contactability" or you can search within the Fields library. Select Yes and click save. 

If you want to download everyone in your platform/database, you can select "Has email = Yes, No". The platform would then grab anyone with or without an email address.

Send the Contacts to File Export

To export this audience to a file, click the send contacts button (highlighted in yellow below):

Select File Export from the dropdown. Then name your file and choose your file type.

Next, edit your output fields (see screenshot above). Output fields are the data points you'd like to see on anyone in your audience.

Make sure to include "Email Permission" and "Email Permission Status" in your selected output fields.

Save your output fields and click Send Now to File Export.

Download your File

Now that you have exported your list, you will then go to Audience > File Manager.

You will see a folder called Marketing Tool Exports. This folder will contain your file and you are ready to download.

Please reach out to if you have further questions.