Update a Recurring Audience Using the Source Name Field

Ascent360 Source Names dynamically populate the campaign year based on the date of the submission, which results in a new Source Name for every year that there are submissions. The following sources are included in this process:

  • Ascent360 created landing pages
  • Webforms
  • Webhooks
  • Integration data

If you have an audience using a Source Name from any of the above sources, the audience will not automatically include new submissions once we rollover into a new year. This will require a manual update to the audience to allow for new form submissions to be included on an ongoing basis. 

Please see below for example:

You have an Ascent360 created landing page for the newsletter email sign up form at the bottom of your website.

In the Ascent360 platform you created an audience called Email Sign Up using Source Name ‘22 Email Sign Up’ as the criteria. When someone completes the form, their email address goes into the CDP and is now part of the Email Sign Up audience throughout 2022.

As soon as there are new form submissions in 2023, a new Source Name is automatically created in Audience Builder called ’23 Email Sign Up.’ However, the new Source Name is not automatically added to your existing audience. You will need to manually add it in Audience Builder in order for the audience to continue including new form submissions (email sign ups in this example) in 2023.  


This needs to be done on an annual basis if the audience is intended to be ongoing.