How to Start & Grow Your SMS Marketing

Text message marketing is becoming increasingly popular as businesses look to build closer and more real-time connections with their customers. But to start incorporating Text Messaging into your marketing strategy you need to first collect mobile phone numbers and explicit consent from your customers. 

Still need to add Text Messaging to your Ascent360 account? Learn how to here.

Creating a Text Message Permission Specific Form

Forms are the best way to collect Text Message subscriptions and with Ascent360 Landing Pages you can easily do this by creating a new form to collect Text Message specific information. 

When creating your new form, select the Phone Subscribe Form template that will automatically populate the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • CellPhone 
  • SMS Permission (A 'Yes' from the user is required for Text Message Permission)

Email Address is also needed to match the individual with an existing record in your database where possible. If the email address cannot be found in your database, a new individual record will be created with the information provided. If you would like to match records where possible, add the Email Address field to this form as well.   

Adding SMS Permission to Your Existing Email Signup Form

If you already have an email signup form created you can add the Text Message permission fields to this form so users can subscribe to all types of communication in one place. To do this you will want to add the following two fields to your existing form:

  • CellPhone
  • SMS Permission

To remain compliant, all senders must include disclosure language everywhere a user is presented with the option to opt-in to Text Messaging. The below disclosure will automatically append to your forms whenever the SMS Permission field is used.

By submitting this form and signing up for texts, you consent to receive marketing text messages (e.g. promos, special offers, sales, announcements, alerts) from [Company Name] at the number provided. Consent is not a condition of purchase. Msg & data rates may apply. Message frequency varies. Unsubscribe at any time by replying STOP or reply HELP for help. Privacy Policy & Terms.

  • Ascent360 user is responsible for inserting the Company Name and linking their Privacy Policy & Terms
  • Ascet360 user should not delete or alter this language. If they do they will be responsible for any non-compliance consequences.

Linking Your SMS Permission Form on Your Preference Center

If you have a Preference Center setup on Ascent360 you can direct users to signup for text messaging on the Preference Center form itself by linking to your signup form where SMS permissions are being collected. This can be a good way to collect SMS permission from your existing email contacts.

Navigate to the Submission Settings of the form where your SMS permission is being captured. On the Embed tab you will see the ‘Landing Page Link’. You can use this link wherever you would like to direct users to your signup form. 

Growing an Existing SMS List

If you have an existing SMS subscription list, this can be loaded into your Ascent360 database. Submit the list through our Data Load Request Process. The following fields are required for Text Messaging permissions:

  • Mobile Phone Number
  • SMS Permission

However, if you have the individual’s First Name, Last Name and Email Address please provide those as well so we can match to existing individuals in your database.

Using Existing Phone Numbers in Your Database

If you have existing Phone Numbers in your Ascent360 database, these are only eligible to send text messages to if we have recorded Text Message permission through one of your existing sources that Ascent360 is integrated with. 

Explicit consent is required to send text messages so the client should confirm that explicit Text Message consent is being captured at the point of sale if Ascent360 is recording these Text Message permissions.

Mobile Number Validation

You may have many Phone Numbers already in your database, but we do not know if they are mobile or landline numbers. Ascent360 offers a service that validates the phone numbers that are in your database to ensure they are mobile phone numbers to increase the cost effectiveness of your Txt Message campaigns. Reach out to your Ascent360 CSM or our Support Team at to learn more.