Web Scrape FAQs

Page scrape or web scrape provides the ability to pull content from a designated webpage into the body of an email. This is done by adding the URL to the email body and upon sending the email, the most current content from the designated webpage will be populated into the email.

What content gets populated into the email?

All of the content on the designated page is populated into the email.

Can you use page scrape for just a single content section in an email?

No. Currently, using the page scrape function in the email designer will populate the entire content of the email. Any content that is designed directly in email designer will be overwritten.

What is page scrape used for?

Page scrape is commonly used for information that is frequently changing like weather reports, snow reports, or conditions reports.

Can I preview page scrape content in the email designer?

You cannot use the preview function in email designer to see the scraped content within the email, but you can send a test email to yourself to see how the email will render.

Are links tracked in emails that use page scrape?

Yes. Links are tracked just like an email that is fully designed in email designer.

Will my tracking parameters be added to links in page scraped emails?

Yes. If configured, any tracking parameters will still be appended to links within the email body.