Facebook Ads Integration Requirements

Ascent360 can integrate directly with your Facebook Ads Business Manager account. (Please note, this is not the same as the Facebook Ads Business Suite.) This integration allows you to export audiences from Audience Builder directly into your Facebook account for custom audience usage: Facebook Ads Custom Audiences

Integration Requirements

To integrate your Facebook Ads Business Manager account with Ascent360, you must complete these steps:

  1. Account must be a Business Manager account (not a personal Facebook Ads account or Business Suite account)
    • To validate your account is a Facebook Ads Business Manager account, navigate to the following URL: https://business.facebook.com/home/accounts?business_id=
      • The numeric value after "business_id=" represents your business account ID
      • If the URL format changes, then you do not have a Facebook Ads Business Manager account
  2. Account must be mature (5+ months old) and in good standing with Facebook

What Next?

If you have questions or concerns on whether or not your Facebook Ads account is a Business Manager account, please confirm with your Facebook Ads support team.