Data Load Requests

Do you have a list of people that need to be loaded into your Ascent360 platform? You will need to request a data load. Currently, clients are not able to upload lists themselves due to the hygiene, cleansing and matching process, but a data load request is easy. We'll go through the details below.

Shortcut to the data load form → Updated Form -

Turnaround time: Your data will be available in the CDP within 1-3 business days from when you provided the file and confirmed data mapping questions. Loads of 50,000+ records may take additional processing time.

Data load requests are for customer-level information only. If your file includes product registration, transaction, or lodging data, contact the Ascent360 Help Desk for additional support.

Note: If you need more information on transferring contact lists from your previous email provider, click here.

Request Process

  1. Review your file. Ensure any erroneous or empty data fields have been removed from the file.
  2. Load your file to File Management in the CDP. See Dropping and Picking Up Files with File Management
  3. Submit a data load request via our data load request form. If you are having any issues email

For data security purposes, please do not email files that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to Ascent360. Please use the File Management feature in your Platform to transfer files.

Required Info 

Here's an overview of what we need to get started on your load request:

  • The date when this data was collected (such as individual creation date)
    • If present in the file, tell us what field/column to use
  • The contact permissions associated with the file.
    • Is everyone in the file an explicit opt-in?
    • Is there a column that has a value for email permission, such as Y or N?
  • The desired Source Name and Source Type of this load.
    • Source Name - Must begin with a 2-digit numerical value that will represent the year(s) of collection.
      (i.e. - "21 Ski Show Signups" or "20-22 Bike Convention"). Using a specific name how or where the data was collected is highly recommended.
    • Source Type - A broader name that should be specific to where the data was gathered. (i.e. - "Car Shows" or "Conventions"). If you don't provide a Source Type, we'll use "Ad Hoc Data Load" as the value.
  • Which fields to be included in the load.
    • Please de-clutter your file of unnecessary fields to the best of your ability.
    • If your file has 50 fields and you only need “first name”, “email”, “email permission”, and “opt-in date”, please indicate that in your request.
  • The file name and location to ensure we pick up the correct one.