Transfer Contact Lists into Ascent360

How to transfer contact lists to Ascent360:

Please follow the below guide to transfer contact lists into the Ascent360 Platform. For security purposes, please do not email files with sensitive information to any Ascent360 team member.

Export contacts from your previous Email Sending Platform (ESP)

  1. Identify the contact lists you want to have transferred to Ascent360.
    • Most clients transfer no more than five lists: a large general newsletter list and a handful of separate lists.
    • Additionally, we recommend using this opportunity to de-clutter your contact lists by transferring only lists that have been sent to within the past year.
  2. Export contacts to .csv or .xlsx files. 
    • At minimum, each file should include First Name, Email Address, and Email Permission. Last Name and Individual Creation Date is highly recommended as well.
    • Email permission is sometimes phrased as subscription status = Yes/No
  3. Export your unsubscribed list. 
    • All users who are suppressed and/or are opted-out from receiving messaging (Email permission = No)
  4. See below for linked export instructions from common ESPs.

Export instructions from commonly used email platforms:

Upload contact list(s) to Ascent360:

  1. Log into Ascent360 and select File Management under the Integrate drop-down.
    • Don't see the File Management button? Please contact our Help Desk by clicking the question mark icon in the bottom left of the portal. Our team will adjust your account permissions.

  2. File Management allows you to securely communicate files to the Ascent360 team. File Management also serves as the default export location for files exported from Audience Selector.
  3. Click Upload on the left side of the screen.
  1. Please confirm receipt with your Ascent360 technical contact. 

Need help? For further assistance, please refer to our knowledge article on uploading files