Design Library

By clicking on the “Design” menu item under “Email” you will be taken to the Design Library. This page shows all email creatives that have been built.  These are not templates but are already built emails. Within in the Design library you have the option to organize email designs by creating folders. You can create a new email or folder by selecting the blue “Create an Email” button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

You can toggle views between your Designs and your Folders by clicking on the button options on the left-hand side. You can also filter by the email status as well as change your order options.

Each design in the Design Library will also show a brief status of the email. The email tile will display the last modified date and a status of “Draft” for a campaign that has not been sent yet, “Tested” for campaigns that have been sent as test sends and “Sent” for campaigns that have been sent to a contact source.

You can also manage the design using the three dots located on each folder and design. Folders can be opened, renamed or archived using this button.

Folder menu options

Individual designs can be edits, duplicated, previewed, moved into a folder, configured or deleted from this menu.

Design menu options

Configuring the properties entails defining the subject line, pre-header, from name, from email and reply to address. You can also apply UTM tracking parameters using this menu. To edit these properties, click the “edit” option from this pop out. You will be taken to an editable version of this view where you can configure subject lines, pre-headers, mailing and tracking parameters.

View Properties

Edit Properties

To preview an email select the “Preview” menu item using the three dots next to the email design. This will take you to a preview screen where you can select if you want to view the design as either a Desktop preview or a Mobile preview.

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