Email Design Statuses Explained

In Ascent360’s Email Design Library there are eight email design statuses based on how the emails are being sent.

  1. Draft: A new or unpublished design that has not been sent.
  2. Completed: An email that was once Recurring but the configured End Date has passed and is no longer being sent. 
  3. Paused: A recurring/automated email that has been manually paused. The design itself can be edited, but the sending configuration cannot be edited. 
  4. Recurring: A design with an active schedule occurring on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly cadence.
  5. Scheduled: An email that is scheduled to be sent in the future. Scheduled emails can transition to Sent or Recurring based on the recurrence configuration. 
  6. Sent: An email sent one time.
  7. List Send: An email sent as part of the List Send process. See Send to a List
  8. Triggered: A design assigned as a confirmation email for a form.