Send to a List

List sends allow users to quickly send emails from the Ascent360 Email Sending Platform to recipients that may not already be in the CDP and accessible through a traditional audience. Very important: Individuals in your list that aren't already in your database will not be added to the CDP via this feature. You must also request an Ad Hoc Data Load to have them permanently added to your database or add the individual to an integrated source system.

List Sends are available to Pro and Enterprise plans only and are turned off by default. If you are using Pro or Enterprise, contact your Client Success Manager for assistance turning this feature on.


List Sends are available to Pro and Enterprise plans only and are turned off by default. If you are using Pro or Enterprise, contact your Client Success Manager for assistance turning this feature on.

To send to a list, prepare your email design and select the Send Email button in the top right. In addition to the Default blue Send Email button, you'll also see an option to Send To List

Personalized email content like Merge Tags and Dynamic Content are incompatible with List Sends. If your email design contains these elements, you will be asked to remove them prior to proceeding to the Sending Steps page. 

Send to List

When Sending to a List, rather than configuring an Audience in the Audience Builder or Complex Audience Builder, you can upload a CSV of email addresses directly on the sending steps page. This method allows you to contact individuals that may otherwise be inaccessible through the Audience Builder (because they haven't been sourced from an upstream system yet or the message you are sending needs to be sent prior to the individual reaching the CDP through an overnight load process).

In the Send To section, you'll have the option to browse for a CSV and use this as the basis for your audience. When browsing for a file, you'll only be able to choose files with the type of .CSV, so be sure to save your file as this type first. 

Your file name will be referenced in reporting, so please ensure that the name is descriptive enough to fit your needs.

List Sends are not eligible for tracking parameters.

Unlike a traditional send that can be configured to send in the future or on a recurring basis, List Sends are always sent immediately and are never recurring.

File Requirements & Validation

Download Example File: Ascent360 Send to List Example.csv

Your file must pass all of the following requirements prior to sending. Depending on the size of the file, validation may take a few minutes.

  • Your file must contain valid email addresses.
  • Your file must have a maximum of one column with the header: EmailAddress
  • Your file must be fewer than 250,000 rows long.

During validation, Ascent360 will automatically de-duplicate the file. To save time, please remove any duplicate email addresses prior to uploading.

List Sends Reporting

List Send emails will display with the status: List Send. Emails that are sent via this method will display the name of the file that was uploaded at the time of the send. Other reporting metrics, including opens, clicks, and unsubscribes (see Note on Permissions below), will be displayed as normal for these types of sends. 

By default, List Send emails will be "Uncategorized" in Campaigns when they are sent. You can manually re-categorize these emails as needed from the Campaigns Page.

Email Permissions and Extra Considerations

Ascent360 will still check the email permissions of the email addresses contained within the list.

If an individual's email permission status is NO in the CDP or if the individual has previously unsubscribed from an email communication, they will not be sent the List Send email.

Individuals that are included in the List but were not previously in the CDP will not be added to the CDP through an overnight process as a result of the list load. 

For individuals that were in the CDP prior to the List Send, the List Send will still appear in the individual's Email History in Customer Lookup. 

The Email name will be eligible for segmentation in the Audience Selector, but will only produce individuals that were part of the CDP at time of email send.