Export Contacts

To view who's in a specific audience (or complex audience), you can export that data to a flat file. This export can be done 'ad hoc' (one-time) or can be scheduled to run on a cadence. Most users choose to do ad hoc exports to analyze or inspect who's in a particular audience. 

Exporting Contacts from Audience Builder

After creating or opening your desired audience, click the Send Contacts button on the top bar.

Then, select "file export". 

A Send Contacts pop-up box will appear:After typing a name for your file, select the File Management location where the file will export to. The default location will be your personal folder. If you intend for other users to have access to the same file, export to the Shared folder. Click Select Folder to choose a new location. After selecting a file type, you can export as-is or add additional "output fields". These are the fields you want to include for your audience. For example, for a "Recent Purchasers" audience you might want to know each person's lifetime spend (output field: "total spent lifetime").

If you don't choose additional output fields, the default fields are listed below:

AddressLast Name
Email AddressPostal Code
First NameState

Once the output fields have been selected, click Save Output Fields.

Click Send Now. Your file should land in 1-5 minutes depending on file size. 

Need help navigating to File Manager?

Exporting Contacts in Complex Audience Builder

To export the contacts from a Complex Audience, click into your complex audience and click the Send Contacts icon.

To export your file immediately, select Send Immediately from the first drop-down. To schedule your file export for a later date or time, skip to the section below (called "Schedule Exports from Complex Audiences").

After naming your file, you'll have the option to configure the location within the file manager where the file will export to. 

Follow the steps from the above section (where the ⭐ icon is)

Schedule Exports from Complex Audiences

To create an automated or scheduled audience export, select Create New Schedule from the Contact Export drop-down.

After configuring the output parameters, configure the schedule parameters by selecting Create Schedule.

Configure the name, date & time, and recurrence. Select Create Schedule to save your schedule.

If Send when data is available is checked, the campaign schedule will only execute if data from the previous day has refreshed within the portal. This ensures that counts are populated and accurate, but may cause the export to execute later than scheduled.