Additional Products and Services

The following are additional products & services we offer:

Client Success Consulting
& Prepaid Time
1:1 strategic consulting with a Client Success Manager. Pay for a specific number of hours up front, or pay as you go (billed monthly).

Time with a Specialist (First session free)Additional 1:1 real-time support with one of our HelpDesk specialists. Product support, not strategic planning.

$165Ad Hoc
Private IPEstablish your own IP, not shared with other clients. This allows you to control your own deliverability.

Power BI Business
Intelligence Tool
Access to the Power BI tool with visibility into your data and ongoing monitoring and upkeep by Ascent360. Does not include training or custom development.

Starting at $100Monthly
Account Review - Standard DeckAccount review presentation with specific client KPIs and recommendations from one of our Client Success Managers.

$750Ad Hoc
Data AppendsImprove data quality and completeness, collect new and/or missing data*. Ask for a quote!
*Examples include: Email address, household   income, gender.
Based on number of records and matches.

Ad Hoc
Email ValidationMeasure and improve the overall quality of your email records. Save money and improve deliverability by removing bad email records.

Based on the number of records. Request a quote from your CSM or the Help Desk.
Ad Hoc
New IntegrationsIntegrate new and additional data sources into your CDP.

Based on the data source
Request a quote from your CSM or the Help Desk.
Ad Hoc