Email Engagement Data in Audience Selector

Individual or Non-Aggregated Email Engagement Data

Individual or non-aggregated email engagement data is the delivered, opened, and clicked metrics associated with a specific email, not combined with any additional data.

Where to Find Non-Aggregated Email Data in Audience Selector

Non-aggregated Email Data is found in Audience Selector in the Email Behavior section. The four fields that are related to individual emails are Email Name, Email Send Date, Email Open Date, and Email Click Date.

The data is updated daily, with the overnight processing just like your transactional and customer data.

How to Use Non-Aggregated Email Data in an Audience

These fields can be used on their own or combined with each other or other fields in Audience Selector.

Using Email Name only in an Audience will return anyone that has been delivered that email at any time.

Adding Send Date (or Open Date or Click Date) will return recipients of that specific email within the date range selected.

If you were to use only a date field, it would return anyone that received, opened, or clicked any email within the time frame selected.

Common Use Cases for Non-Aggregated Email Data

  • Re-send to customers that did not open an email
  • Re-send to customers that have opened or clicked but not purchased yet
  • Remove customers from recurring sends so they do not receive duplicate emails
  • Remove customers that are not engaging with certain types of emails
  • Combine with Web Tracking data and purchase data for recurring abandon browse campaigns