View or Download Email Unsubscribes

An email opt-out is an email recipient who has chosen to unsubscribe from emails, marking themselves as "opted out”.  

There are two ways you can view email opt-outs in the Ascent360 Platform

  1. In audience builder, by filtering on email permission status.
  2. In email reports, by looking at the subscriber report.

Audience Builder Method (allows for exporting a list)

Start by creating an audience with the field "Email Permission Status" and selecting the value "No". You can then export this to a file and view all the email addresses there. Click the icon 'send contacts' and choose File Management / Send to File.

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To collect the file, go to File Manager (profile icon > files) and click into your folder. Select the file and click download.

Viewing Unsubscribes on the Subscriber Report 

The other way to view unsubscribes is via Email > Reports. 

Select a specific email name from the drop-down list. Then, click on the number of people to whom your email was sent to. This number is in blue, signifying a hyperlink.   

This will bring up a detailed report of the audience that this email was sent to as well as the bounce and subscribe information. You can then download this report into Excel to learn more about your bounces/unsubscribes for that email. 

Here is an example Subscriber Report, which highlights the Unsubscribed column, which has a true/false flag for whether the recipient unsubscribed from this email's footer.

You can also download this report by clicking the download icon. The file will be downloaded to your desktop and should automatically open in Excel. 

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.