How to Setup WooCommerce Access for Ascent360

To allow Ascent360 access to your WooCommerce instance for an integration, you'll need to generate and share a Consumer Key and Secret for Ascent360 to leverage. Follow the below steps to get started. 

Generate the Consumer Key and Secret

Log in to your WordPress dashboard. Under WooCommerce on the left-side menu, select Settings

On the resulting page, select the Advanced tab. Select REST API and activate the API if necessary. 

Select Add Key.

Input an appropriate description for the new key, associate it with an Admin User, and Select Read for permissions. Select Generate API key.

If the WordPress user associated with an API key is deleted, the API key will cease to function. API keys are not transferred to other users.

Share the Consumer Key and Secret

Prior to navigating away from the generated Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, please share the Key and Secret with Ascent360. To securely transfer this information, Ascent360 recommends pasting the Key and Secret in Privnote using the following convention:

Key: {{paste Key}}

Secret: {{paste Secret}}

After creating in Privnote, select Create Note and share the note link with Ascent360. Ascent360 will securely store this information and use it to access your WooCommerce data.