Data Dictionary (For Reporting Users)

The Data Dictionary page provides a list of fields available in your Ascent360 Platform. The Data Dictionary also provides a visualization of how well populated your available fields are. 

If you are looking for information on making edits on the Data Dictionary page, please see Data Dictionary (For Administrators)

Database Insights > Data > Data Dictionary

Category Name

This is the category that the field shows in, which appears as a folder in the Audience Selector fields library and in the Campaign output fields.

AS360 Alias Name

This is the name the field appears as in all areas of the Platform.

Sort Order

This is the order the field appears in (within its category) inside Audience Selector's Fields Library and the BI tool.

Population Rate

This shows how well populated the field is. If you see a low population rate, using the field for segmentation may lead to low audience counts. Population rate can also tell you what kind of data is missing from your Platform. If you find that you are missing certain types of data, consider creating opportunities to collect this data or reach out the Ascent360 Help Desk for guidance.

Distinct Count Drill Down Report

Click on the Distinct Count value to open the field drill down report.

The field drill down report shows the number of transactions or individuals (depending on the categorization of the field) who are assigned each value. This can help determine which selections will get you the largest segment in Audience Selector.

Click the "Data" button to show the data as a table rather than a bar chart.

Field Description

This field provides a description of the type of data the field contains.

"Show" Fields

These fields (Show in Audience Selector, Show in Mail Output, Show in Email Output, Show in BI View) display where the field is available for use. If you'd like to use a field in Audience Selector but it is set to "No" for that field, reach out to your CSM or the Ascent360 Help Desk to update the field's visibility.

Schedule Refresh

Your data dictionary is refreshed every Sunday to recalculate the populate rates, distinct counts and add any new fields. However, you can schedule a refresh at any time by clicking the "Schedule Refresh" button in the upper right corner. 

After clicking the "Schedule Refresh" button, a dialog will open to allow you to schedule a refresh of your data dictionary.

If your data dictionary has been refreshed in the last 24 hours, you will not be allowed to refresh it again. The dialog box will tell you when you will be allowed to schedule your next refresh