What is the difference between an individual, customer and a prospect in Ascent360

The Ascent360 CDP has three different concepts.  These are:

  1. An Individual:  An individual is a unique person in our database after all the matching and duplication.  This is 
  2. A Customer: A customer is any individual (unique person) in the database that has made a financial purchase.  So, everyone in the database who has made a purchase is considered to be an Customer.  However, for all of our clients, purchases can occur without us knowing about them.  For example an John Smith can walk into a retail store, buy a product for $150 and walk out without ever telling 
  3. A Prospect:  A prospect is an individual (unique person) who has not made a purchase but is in the database.  Typically prospects will come from sources such as an Email Sign up form or a Facebook contest.  Prospects have not yet made a purchase, however once they do make a purchase, we will change the "Customer Status" of that individual.

Where do we store this information in the Ascent360 CDP?  Ascent360 has a field called "Customer Status" which will contain the values of "Customer" or "Prospect".  Everyone in the CDP is an individual and will have a unique Ascent360ID.

To get an in-depth understanding of how Ascent360 defines an "Individual" please see this article.