Export an Audience to a File


Export an Audience from Audience Selector

To export the contacts in your audience to a file, select the Send Contacts menu option.

Then, choose File Export as the location to send contacts to. Type the name of your file on the dotted line and choose the file type from the dropdown.

Once you have named the file and selected the file type, edit the output fields by clicking Edit Output Fields. These are the columns that will appear in your file. (For example, you may want to see the "birthday" or "email permission" for the people in your file). There will be default values pre-selected – these can be removed if needed.

Once the output fields have been selected, click Save Output Fields.

Then, click Send Contacts Now to export your file.

If you selected to send immediately, your campaign export file should export within the next 5 minutes, depending on the size of your campaign. Campaigns are exported in tab-delimited format, with the filename of the name of the campaign and the datetime the file was created.

Accessing Your File Export

To find and download your exported file, click the "Profile" icon (top right) > Files

On the files page, double-click on Marketing Tool Exports. You will see your file exports here.

Download by checking the box next to the file name, then, click Download. Your file will download to your computer.