How to Setup Lightspeed Retail Access for Ascent360

How to receive credentials? 

  1. Click Here to authorize access to the Lightspeed Retail account. 

  1. Once this link is opened, it will ask for a LightSpeed Retail account login. Please enter your Lightspeed credentials and click Sign In .


  1. Once the credentials are verified, it will ask for authorization which will provide necessary access to Ascent360 .


  1. Once you click on “Authorize Application” it will automatically send an API token to Ascent360 and no further action is needed. 

What data will it use and how?

Ascent360 will receive read only access and it will not be modifying any data in your LightSpeed Retail account. We will use the API to collect data from following endpoints:

  • Customers 
  • Shop 
  • Sales 
  • SaleLine 
  • Item 
  • Category 
  • ItemAttributeSet 
  • CustomerType 
  • WorkOrder

How frequently do the data pulls happens?

We will pull the data once a day.