February 2023 Webinar - Reporting & How to Measure Success

This is a recording of our live session on February 14, 2023. In this 30-minute webinar, we dive into database KPIs, email KPIs, and reporting and how to measure success.

Here is our presentation deck that we walked through on the call: Presentation_Client Webinar 2.14.2023 Reporting & How to Measure Success - Copy.pdf

We had some fantastic questions asked during the session. Here's a summary of our responses:

1. Can you please provide more detail around revenue attribution?

We would love to! You can learn more about our Revenue Attribution here.

2. Is there a way to get into Revenue and see the specific purchases that are being included?

You can look up that customer in Customer Lookup and see all email and transaction history. More information on Customer Lookup can be found here. We currently do not provide a breakdown of all purchases that are included in revenue attribution.

3.  Is it possible to export a visual email send report into a PDF that includes graphs and high level results?

You can export data from Email > Reports, the table from View Results > Revenue Detail, as well as a few other reporting page graphics. We are making enhancements to our reporting pages and will include more export options in the future!