Create an audience of "non-openers" of an email

If you want to do a "re-mail" (an email send that targets non-openers), you'll need to create two audiences:

  1. The first audience should comprise the people who were sent the initial email.
    • This will be the audience you send the email to.
  2. The second audience should comprise the openers of that email.
    • This will be your suppression audience.

As a reminder, you're targeting anyone who received "Email X" but did not open it. Here is what those two audiences will look like:

Audience 1 - anyone who was sent the email.

Audience 2: Anyone who opened the email. (used as a suppression)

Next, go to the Email section. Create a duplicate version of your initial email, make any necessary tweaks, and then click "Send Now". On the sending steps page, you'll select your main audience and suppression audience, just like this:

And that's it!

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