File Manager

Profile Button > File Manager

File Manager allows you to securely upload and download files. File Manager is our preferred method of transferring files that contain Personable Identifiable Information (PII).

Download: To download a file, select the file you'd like to download and select the Download button. The download will begin immediately. You can select multiple files and they will download in a zipped folder.

Upload: To upload a file, select the Upload button from the menu. After selecting Choose File, browse for the file and click Upload

File Manager only allows for one file to be uploaded at a time. Files are limited to 2GB in size. If you need to upload a larger file, contact our help desk for assistance.

You can rename or delete files as well. Use the Add Folder button to create a folder structure. Files will appear in a default sort order of newest modified date at the top. Deleting a file cannot be undone.

Navigating the Folder Structure

If applicable, click the Up Arrow or Home icon to navigate to different levels in the directory. Double-click on folders to drill down. If you don't have these options, it just means that you don't have admin access for your account.