Configuring message settings

In the Settings tab, you can apply your configurations to the entire message.

Let's take a quick look:

  • Content area width: set the width for the content area. This is used when the device has a screen larger than that width. You can think of it as a maximum width for that content area. On small devices, it will be ignored.
  • Content area alignment: the content of the text can be aligned to the left (the standard alignment is centered). This affects the whole body of the message.
  • Background color: the default background color for the message. You will be able to override it at the row, column, and content block level when settings properties for those elements.
  • Content area background color: the default background color for the content area, which is the area for which you set the Content area width above.
  • Default font: the default font family that all content elements in the message will inherit. Of course, you can overwrite this selection at the content block level.
  • Link color: the default link color that all links will inherit unless you overwrite it for individual elements.


Content area alignment

When you are using the content area alignment, you can now decide to left-align the entire message. This will make your message look more like a personal email (as it would do coming from Gmail, for example) than a newsletter.