Acoustic - Using Database Fields to Personalize Emails

This article applies to Ascent360 users who use Acoustic to send emails.

Using Database Fields to Personalize Emails

  • Setting Default Values for Fields in Acoustic
     Log into Acoustic > Navigate to data > Databases > Select the database by clicking the name > Navigate to the field you want to edit > Click edit to the left of the field name
    • You will then see the field settings page
    • The field labeled Default Value is where you can set the value you would like to display if someone have a blank value for that field. 
    • Examples: “Customer” “Valued Guest” “Subscriber” etc.

  • Inserting Personalization in email
    Emails > Email Campaigns > Select the email 
    • Before you can insert the field, the contact list or query must be applied to the email under the Email Details > Contacts > Contact Source 
    • On the email building canvas, click or highlight the location for the personalization to be inserted > Click the Insert personalization icon > Select the field from the list

  • The value on the email builder canvas should now display something like:
     %%First Name%%
  • It is important to keep all percentage signs, capitalization and spacing exactly how it was inserted in the email otherwise the personalization can break.
  • Testing Personalization in email
    Emails > Email Campaigns > Select the email > On the preview screen on the right side select the “Test with a Contact” icon 

  • Enter an email you would like to test with and click “Test”
  • The email should refresh and display the filed value or the default value you set in step one.