Getting Started: Onboarding Checklist

Welcome to Ascent360! We are thrilled to partner with you as you get started making the most of your data. This checklist will help you make sure you're on the right track as you onboard with Ascent360.

☐ Update billing address and payment method for Ascent360 (Select "Billing" after hovering over the blue icon in the top right menu)

☐ Export and upload historical email lists from any previous email sending platforms. 

☐ Create new audiences & adjust saved audiences. 

☐ Upload assets to your image library (Email > Images). 

☐ Add or replace the existing Email Signup Form on your site with an Ascent360 Form. 

Edit your initial email designs. 

☐ Edit the Welcome Email

☐ Edit the Lapsed Customer Email

☐ Edit the Prospect Conversion Email

Send your initial email campaigns. 

☐ Send the Welcome Email

☐ Send the Lapsed Customer Email

☐ Send the Prospect Conversion Email

☐ Begin brainstorming future audiences & email designs.