Getting Started for New Clients: Onboarding Checklist

Welcome to Ascent360! We are thrilled to partner with you as you get started making the most of your data. It is estimated that this checklist will require 8 hours of your time during your 30 days of onboarding. This checklist will help you make sure you're on the right track as you onboard with Ascent360. 

Pre-Onboarding (Estimation 1 hour)

  • Update your billing address and payment method for Ascent360 
  • Historical Lists (Estimation 30 minutes)
    • Upload any historical email lists from previous mailing platforms. Examples of lists are your Mailchimp unsubscribe list, MailChimp subscribe form lists, or any event lists that you may have
  • Optional: Platform Orientation Video (Estimation 25 minutes)

Week 1: Becoming Familiar with the Ascent360 Platform (Estimation 2 hours)

Week 2 – Getting your 3 Standard Campaigns Live (Estimation 3 hours)

Week 3: Reporting Metrics + New Audiences (Estimation 2 hours)

  • Brainstorm New Campaigns (Estimation 1-2 Hours)
    • Now that you have your 3 Standard campaigns live, you are ready to start exploring other ad-hoc or campaign ideas. Brainstorm and discuss other campaign ideas with your onboarding manager. Some great examples are specialized Post Purchase emails, emails for your high-value customers, and cross-selling.
      • Remember the steps of an email campaign

1.     Create the Audience 

2.     Design the Email

3.     Send the Email

4.     Optional: Campaigns

  • Email Reporting (Estimation 30 min)

Week 4: Finalize Campaigns + Ask Final Questions

This is your final week in the Ascent360 Onboarding period. At this time, you should have:

1.     Your Ascent360 Landing page published and collecting your new email sign ups

2.     3 Standard Campaigns live (Welcome, Prospect Conversion, and Lapsed) 

3.     An understanding of the Audience Builder and how to build new audiences 

4.     An audience ready for your newsletter/ad-hoc sends 

5.     An understanding of your email designer and how to build new emails 

6.     Your own saved branded email template to create new email designs from

7.     Saved Rows (Header, Footer, Product Rows)

8.     An understanding of the Ascent360 email reports

9.     More campaign/email ideas ready to be built!