Working with Menus

If you want to add a simple, text-based navigation element, you can take advantage of the Menu block available in the content tab.

Add a Menu

From the right-side menu in the email designer, select and drag the Menu content block into the body of the email.

Click the Menu in the email and select + Add New Item to add new items. 

For each item, configure the Text, Link Type, URL, Title, and Target.

  • Text: The friendly text that appears to the end user.
  • Link type: Web Page, Send Email, Make call, Send SMS. This specifies the protocol for the action that should be taken when clicked.
  • Target: Specify if clicking the link should open a new browser tab or stay in the same tab.
  • Title (optional): A secondary text that appears when hovering on the menu item

You can reorder menu items by dragging the icon found to the left of the menu item title.


Scrolling down to the properties in the editor sidebar, you will see a few properties that are specific for your Menu in addition to familiar text options.

  • Layout: Display items vertically or horizontally
  • Separator: Specify a custom separator (like a pipe: | ) to separate the items.
  • Mobile Menu: Toggle this option to collapse the menu by default on a mobile device.

Below are a few examples of menus created in the editor: 

Once you have your menu configured how you like, we recommend saving the row as a Menu for easy access in future emails. This way, you only have to configure your Menu once!