Data Hygiene and Matching Process

When Ascent360 processes your data, all individual records go through a multi-step data hygiene and matching process. 

An individual record must have some level of contact information for the record to be ingested into your marketing platform. For this reason, the counts you see in Ascent360 may differ from your POS system or other non-marketing reporting tools.

All new individual records are given an AscentID; this is the unique identifier of the individual. As part of the Hygiene and Matching Process, individual records are bounced against the National Change of Address register, assigned a gender (when possible), and compared to a nickname register. (For example, Rob could appear as Robert or Bob). 

The end goal of this process is for records to be cleansed, in a standard format, and matched to any existing records. If enough information matches an existing record, the new record will be merged with the existing record. The best data from each record becomes part of the golden record.

If the above records had either a matching email or a matching address, the records would have enough "matching" information for the two records to be merged.

We keep the original AscentIDs for both records in the meta-data just in case the records need to be pulled apart in the future. 

All of this data processing happens automatically and is based on extensive logic that has been programmed into the codebase.

Questions on our hygiene and matching process? Please reach out to your CSM or email