Overview of the Meta/Facebook Integration

With Meta Ads (Facebook Ads), you can create targeted ads to reach different audiences and meet your business goals. The integration between Ascent360 and Meta/Facebook is a highly effective way of targeting custom audiences. This integration is outbound-only, meaning you can push contacts from Ascent360 into Meta/Facebook but we do not receive any inbound data back.

How to get started

There are a few steps involved, but it's a fairly easy process. (Also, it's no additional cost to you).

First, you need to accept the Meta/Facebook Terms of Service. 

Next, you need to provide Ascent360 with access/permissions to your account. More detailed info on how to give us access can be found here.

Once you've granted us access, open a help desk ticket with the topic "Meta/Facebook Ads Integration" and we can complete the last steps. 

The final result? You'll see a drop-down in Audience Selector that will allow you to start exporting audiences to Meta/Facebook Ads.

Best practices

Lapsed Customer Re-engagement

Send people who haven't made a purchase in 6 months or 1 year into Facebook to try and re-engage them as purchasers. This can be particularly effective to reach people who aren't opted into email but do have an email on record.

Lookalike Audiences - VIPs

Lookalike Audiences lets you find more people who are similar to your best customers. Create an audience in Ascent360 of your best customers/VIPs and create a Lookalike Audience in Meta/Facebook to find leads who are most similar to your best customers.

Prospect Conversation

Send prospects who haven't yet made a purchase into Facebook for targeted advertising!

Technical integration details

Time Delay on Matching Contacts

Please note, there will be latency with Facebook Match. When you push an audience into Facebook from Ascent360, the audience will be in Facebook in 5 minutes, but Facebook can take up to 2 days to match. This will happen gradually, so you may see the audience jump after refreshing.

The list will say "list size too small" until it has at least 1,000 contacts matched. It is at this point you can actually do an ad off of the audience.

You can still go ahead and set up the ad, and Facebook will continue to update the audience with new folks that match that list, but the ad won’t actually show to everyone until they’re all matched.

How does the matching between Ascent360 and Meta/Facebook work?

Your customer list is hashed locally on your browser and then sent to Facebook. There, it is matched against our existing list of our users' hashed IDs and the matches are added to your Custom Audience. Hashing turns the data in your customer list into short fingerprints that can't be reversed. It happens when data is sent to Facebook. Here’s what happens:

  1. Facebook hashes the data our users have provided us. You begin uploading your customer list and it's hashed locally in your browser before it's uploaded to Facebook.
  2. After your hashed data is uploaded to Facebook, we match it against ours.
  3. The matches are added to a Custom Audience for you.
  4. The matched and unmatched hashes are deleted.

Allow Ascent360 Access to Your Facebook Ads Account

Before you Begin: Accept Facebook’s Terms of Service

Use the link below to accept the terms. Please replace %%Account Number%% with the account number you are accepting:

https:\\business.facebook.com\ads\manage\customaudiences\tos\?act=%%Account Number%%

Read the terms of service & click the accept button. After you accept the terms, the banner should change to say “You have accepted these terms of service”.

Step 1: Go to Business Manager Settings

Navigate to https://business.facebook.com/

Navigate to the “Business Settings” of our account through the hamburger menu on the top left.


Step 2: Click Ad Accounts

Step 3: Choose the Ad Account you would like to access via Ascent360

After locating the Ad Account you would like to give Ascent360 access to (most clients will only have one) choose the “Assign Partner” button to give Ascent360 access.

Step 4: Assign ad account using Ascent360 Business ID

After choosing “Assign Partner,” a popup window should appear. Select the option to assign by Business ID

For the access options, choose “Manage campaigns”

The Ascent360 Business ID: 923394664355446

Facebook Ads Integration Requirements

Ascent360 can integrate directly with your Facebook Ads Business Manager account. (Please note, this is not the same as the Facebook Ads Business Suite.) This integration allows you to export audiences from Audience Builder directly into your Facebook account for custom audience usage: Facebook Ads Custom Audiences

Integration Requirements

To integrate your Facebook Ads Business Manager account with Ascent360, you must complete these steps:

  1. Account must be a Business Manager account (not a personal Facebook Ads account or Business Suite account)
    • To validate your account is a Facebook Ads Business Manager account, navigate to the following URL: https://business.facebook.com/home/accounts?business_id=
      • The numeric value after "business_id=" represents your business account ID
      • If the URL format changes, then you do not have a Facebook Ads Business Manager account
  2. Account must be mature (5+ months old) and in good standing with Facebook

What Next?

If you have questions or concerns on whether or not your Facebook Ads account is a Business Manager account, please confirm with your Facebook Ads support team.