Managing Permissions for Text Messaging

The following article covers the ways in which a user can opt in and opt out of Text Messaging from your company. 

Opting In to Text Messaging

Explicit consent from an individual to receive text messages from your company is required to send them informational or promotional text messages. You can capture explicit text messaging consent through:

  • A signup form or landing page on your website
  • The consumer sending an opt-in keyword to you from their mobile phone
  • Permission flowing in from an integrated source system like Point-of-Sale or e-Commerce
  • Edits to a customer's texting permission in Customer Lookup

An individual can opt in at any time to receive messages by texting one of the below opt-in keywords to your sending number. Ascent360 must receive one of these keywords on their own and not used in a sentence. 

  • Unstop
  • Start
  • Nonarret
  • Debuter

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Upon an individual opting in to Text Messaging, Ascent360 will send the below confirmation compliance SMS message to the phone number provided. These messages count against your purchased SMS credits. 

{Your From Name}: Msg&data rates may apply. Recurring Messages. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel.

Unsubscribing From Text Messaging

An individual can opt out from receiving text messages from your company by replying to your sending number with any of the following words:

  • Stop
  • End
  • Unsubscribe
  • Cancel
  • Quit
  • Opt out
  • Opt-out
  • arret

When composing a new text message, you can select which of our default unsubscribe phrases, listed below, is used. If you would like to request a custom unsubscribe phrase other than these, please reach out to your Ascent360 CSM or our Support team and we can work with you to create a custom compliant phrase.  

  • Reply STOP to end
  • Text STOP to end
  • Reply STOP to unsubscribe
  • Reply STOP to opt out

Opting Out of Text Messaging by Form

A Text Messaging specific opt out form can be created within Ascent360 Landing Pages. Once in Landing Pages navigate to Add New and then select the Phone Unsubscribe Form. Once published, this form can be used anywhere you would like to give your consumers the option to opt out from text messages

Managing Text Message Permissions in Customer Lookup

You can check and update an individual’s Text Messaging Permission using Customer Lookup if given permission to do so by the individual. Once you locate the individual’s record in Customer Lookup you will see their SMS Permission under the Contactability section:

To make an update to the individual’s SMS Permission choose the Edit icon in the left side panel. In the pop-up window under Personal Information, you will see an option to turn their SMS Permission to Yes and press Save. You will be prompted to confirm that you have permission to opt in this individual.

NOTE: Changing an individual’s SMS permission using Customer Lookup will not send an opt-in or opt-out confirmation text message to the individual. 

When a text messaging unsubscribe is received, Ascent360 will send the below opt-out confirmation compliance message on your behalf and the individual will have their texting permission set to NO.

The confirmation message that an individual will receive upon opting out depends on the type of number you are sending from. These messages count against your purchased SMS credits. 

Toll-Free Number: You replied with the word “STOP” which blocks all texts sent from this number. Text back “UNSTOP” to receive messages again. 

10DLC Number: {Your From Name}: You have been unsubscribed. Text back “START” to receive messages again.

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