Engagement Filters

Engagement filters are a key fundamental of any email program.   Engagement filters ensure that you are reaching consumers who want to hear from you while helping aid deliverability of your email by avoiding spam traps.   If you are on an Ascent360 verified IP, engagement filters are a requirement.  


The purpose of an engagement filter is to limit your email send to those that actively engage with your email campaigns.  By limiting to those that engage you can help ensure better deliverability including avoiding SPAM traps and higher engagement rates.  While no one likes to cut the reach of their campaigns, effective use of engagement filters can increase your performance and ROI.

Industry best practice

It is typically advised that you do not email addresses that have not interacted with your emails for 12 months.  Any consumer that has not interacted with your brand in that amount of time should be considered lost as an email contact and pursued via other channels.  For example you could exclude anyone who has not opened or clicked an email for 12 months from your email campaign but then you could upload those individuals to FaceBook for targeting on there.   

Prior to the 12 month mark, it is recommend to reengage contacts.  Setting up an automated campaign with a special offer is a great way to do this.   

If you need help with setting up engagement filters, reengagement programs, or how to get your contacts to FB for marketing please submit a help desk ticket.