Open or Send a Privnote

Ascent360 recommends using Privnote to easily and securely send passwords, API keys, and other sensitive credentials. 

Privnote is a free web-based service that allows you to securely send private notes over the internet. It's fast, easy, and requires no password or user registration.

How to send a Privnote

  • Copy the resulting URL and share it with the recipient.

  • When the recipient clicks the link for the first time, they will see the note in their browser and the note will automatically self-destruct, which means no one (even that very same person) can read the note again.

How to open a Privnote

  • If you receive a Privnote in an email or IM, click the hyperlink. You will need to confirm that you want to open (and therefore "destroy") the note.
  • Once opened, please save the credentials in a secure location or the password manager of your choice. You will not be able to re-open the Privnote.