Making Edits in Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary page provides a list of fields available in your Ascent360 Platform. Users have the ability to update the category, field name, field description, sort order, or configure the field's visibility in various outputs. 

Database Insights > Data > Data Dictionary

Update a Field's Category Name

The Category Name of the field determines which folder the field appears in inside of the Fields Library in Audience Selector and the Output Fields selection page.

To change a field's category, click the edit icon in the category name. Select a new Category Name from the drop-down.

Once you've selected a new category name, click the Save button (top right). Now your field will appear in the new category in Audience Builder.

Update a Field Name 

Field names are typically set by default based on standard field naming conventions. To change the field's name, click on the edit icon, type in a new name, and click "Save". This update will then reflect in Audience Builder.

Update a Field Description

The description of the field shows when a user hovers over the field in the Fields Library in Audience Builder. This description is essentially the field's definition and should provide context into how the field can be used.

To update the description, click the edit icon and make your desired updates. Then, click Save to save your changes.

Update Where a Field is Available

To make changes to where a field is "visible", click "Manage Columns" and select from these options:

You can then toggle a Yes/No for each field, depending on where you'd like it visible.

If Show in Audience Selector is set to "Yes", the field will show in Audience Builder.

If Show in Mail Output is set to "Yes", the field will show for postal list (direct mail) exports.

If Show in Email Output is set to "Yes", the field will show for email exports or as a "merge tag" in our ESP. 

For sending data to external ESPs (advanced users only), you will also need to set an Email Alias value. The Email Alias value is the field name in the external email service provider that the field you are updating will map to. This value should read exactly what is in the ESP in order for the mapping to work correctly.

Please ignore the "Show in BI View" column.

Make sure to click Save when you're finished editing.

Update a Field's Sort Order

The sort order of the field influences the order the field shows in the Fields Library in Audience Builder and the Output Fields selection page.

When you click the save button to update your sort order, it will re-sort all other fields by category so that they are in sequential order again.