Text Message Design Statuses

Note: SMS will be available for all clients around the middle to end of August 2024.

In Ascent360’s Text Design Library there are eight email design statuses based on how the texts are being sent.

  1. Draft: A new or unpublished design that has not been sent.
  2. Completed: A text message that was once Recurring but the configured End Date has passed and is no longer being sent.
  3. Paused: A recurring/automated text that has been manually paused. The design itself can be edited, but the sending configuration cannot be edited.
  4. Recurring: A design with an active schedule occurring on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly cadence.
  5. Scheduled: A text that is scheduled to be sent in the future. Scheduled texts can transition to Sent or Recurring based on the recurrence configuration.
  6. Sent: A text sent one time.
  7. Triggered: A design assigned as a confirmation for a form.