6-11-2024 Microsoft Issue Announcement

06/11/2024Cait Kooistra
The Issue:  In June 2024, Ascent360 identified an increase  in machine opens and clicks for clients sending to Microsoft B2C and Office 365 inboxes. The sudden increase is due to a security change Microsoft made to how its Safe Links feature i...

How to Verify DMARC

01/15/2024Cait Kooistra
To check if your domain(s) successfully have DMARC in place, follow these steps. Navigate to Enter your domain into the search box, then click the orange "DMARC Lookup" button.  A successful DMARC result wil...

New Sending Requirements for Gmail & Yahoo

11/29/2023Cait Kooistra
Updated on: 01.15.2024 • Originally published on: 11.29.2023 Carefully read through this article to ensure you are compliant!  Note the February 2024 deadline. Gmail recently released a  new set of requirements  for any s...